Our Company

Established in 1928 Autotherm Pty Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Diverse Industry Group of Australia Pty Ltd. Autotherm is a family and Australian operated company, now in its 3rd generation.

Grown to be one of South Australia’s leading creditable suppliers, we specialise in brass and copper fittings, our products are 100% Australian made.

Created with attention to detail, all products are specially designed and produced for each customer with quality, performance, consistency and turnaround as our highest priority.

Our mainstream products whilst tailor made can usually be supplied for immediate distribution, collection or delivery.

We provide consistent pricing, re-ordering options and calculate our success on our customer’s complete satisfaction.

While supplying the highest-grade materials that comply with industry standards, our staff produce over 15 years' service and knowledge to the industry.

Our proactive approach allows us to work one on one with each customer, understand their needs and create a long standing relationship.

Known as the ‘one stop shop’ DIGA are known for having your stock ready – before you realise you even need it!


DIGA adheres to the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Assurance: Five Points of Quality system in Australia.