Custom Products

Taper pins in mild steel, stainless steel and brass

Consumer Electrical Products
Special adjusting screws and nuts

Lawnmower valves, refrigeration non return valves, inserts for plastic mouldings,
fittings for newspaper wrapping machines, spindles for rotary wire brushes

Electrical products - rivets and contact pins

Electrical Engineering
Contacts and co-axial cable connectors

stainless steel fittings

Bio-medical Industry
titanium and stainless steel surgical components & fixtures

Water industry
Riser and tap assemblies for water meter connections, tap heads and jumper valves, mains cocks to 50mm diameter, taps to 50mm, a full range of sockets and nipples for both screwed and compression joints to 50mm, multi-point manifolds for water meters supplying to flats and units and metered hydrants for bulk water users

Special purpose turned components are made to customer's drawings and specifications using castings or bar stock material